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Winter Heating System Problems And How To Fix Them

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Winter Heating System Problems And How To Fix Them

In the winter season, one of the most-needed appliances that every home needs are a well-functioning heating system. But what if it stops cooperating with you when you need it the most? If you are also facing issues with your heating system, some handy fixes can help you with that. Read ahead to find some winter heating system problems and how to fix them.

6 Winter Heating System Problems and How To Fix Them

The Heating System Doesn’t Turn On

You need to keep the access door of your heating system closed for safety reasons and to ensure that your heating system will not shut down.

Another reason for your heating system not starting could be the improper temperature and fan settings. See that your system’s temperature is on ‘HEAT’ for proper operation.

If the fan always stays on, it is because you might have set the fan to ‘ON’ mode turn it to ‘AUTO’ mode to prevent it from staying on constantly.

There can be other heating system problems like a damaged thermostat or limit switch, which can easily be replaced by calling professional HVAC services.

The Heater Is Blowing Cold Air.

If there is insufficient airflow from your heating system, ensure that the vents are opened and not closed.

And if your heating system is emitting cold air instead of heated air, check if you have turned on the gas valve, or your system will not heat up. In case of a stuck valve, get it repaired by professionals.

Additionally, set the temperature mode on AUTO instead of FAN ON, or the blower will blow cold air without heating. You can also check if the pilot light of your system is on to avoid cold airflow.

To get uniform heating,  check if the air filters are clean, and in case they are not, you can clean them yourself or get them cleaned by professionals.

In other complex cases like ignition, leaking ducts, or clogging problems, call a professional to fix them.

Heating System Is Short Cycling.

When your system starts and shuts down very quickly, it is because it has short cycles, and the following can be the reasons for that:

  • Oversized Heating System: Short cycling is a drawback of large heaters. So the only thing you can do is to replace it.
  • Dirty Air Filters: The poor airflow due to the filthy air filters may overwhelm the heating, which may cause short cycling. So replacing your air filter should fix the issue. But if the problem remains, you may need a technician’s help.
  • Thermostat problems: a major cause of the short cycling of your heating system is the thermostat. Ensure that you have placed your thermostat correctly to prevent any issues.

Musty and Burning Smell From The Heating System

Check that your air filters are not dirty. It may be due to the impact of high winds on your HVAC system, which can decrease the air quality of your home and cause the smell, get them cleaned or replaced to fix this issue.

In case of a burning smell, there can be other problems like internal wiring issues or an overheated motor. In such cases, shut down your system immediately, unplug it and take the help of a professional instead.

Fan Not Working.

If your heating system’s fan stops functioning properly, check that you have set your thermostat correctly. If that is not the issue, check your air filters carefully to ensure they are not dirty and the airflow is proper.

If none of the problems mentioned above are the reason behind the fan not working,  check if the circuit breakers are on, and if that doesn’t work, call a professional HVAC service to inspect the problem.

Mold In The Heating System

Sometimes when there is moisture in the air ducts due to improper cleaning or poor insulation, it can lead to mold growth which can cause many health issues. Ensure that there is no leftover moisture after cleaning your air ducts, and seal the air ducts properly to ensure there is no mold growth.

Higher Energy Bills

If the electricity bills for your heating system go way too higher than usual, there is a possibility that some parts of the heater are not working correctly; and they need cleaning or replacements. There can be other complex issues too, that require a professional’s help to know the exact cause and its fix.

Summing Up

It is crucial to have a functioning heating system during winter. But there can be many reasons why it doesn’t work properly. Here, we have listed some common winter heating system problems and how to fix them.

We hope this article helps you solve some of the minor problems in your system and guides you on how to fix them.

But sometimes, it can be difficult to identify and fix the problems in your HVAC system. In that case, you can hire a professional HVAC service to fix it for you, preventing further harm to your heating system.

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