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Winter Heating System Problems And How To Fix Them

By September 15, 2021 September 16th, 2021 No Comments
Winter Heating System Problems And How To Fix Them

How does it feel waking up in the middle of the cold night just because your winter heating system has stopped working? You may feel irritated and plan to fix the issue as soon as possible.

So, you may face some common winter heating problems in your system. If you are aware of these problems, then you can easily fix them and get your heating system to work perfectly. Let’s look at the winter heating system problems and their easy solutions here.

8 Winter Heating System Problems & Their Solutions

1. Cold Air Is Coming Out Of The Heater

The heating furnace spreads the hot air in your home via air ducts. If your ducts are leaking in between, then you have to face cold air. There are some fixes you can do to get rid of cold air.

♦ Air Filters: Check your air filters. If your air filter is filled with dust and grime, then it will reduce the flow of hot air. You should change them every 3 months, as recommended by professionals.

♦ Gas: It doesn’t matter which fuel your furnace runs on. Heating systems require an efficient amount of it to run properly.

♦ Air Ducts: If there is a leakage in the air ducts then it can cause a lot of problems. As if there is a leak then all the hot air is not able to spread in the room.

2. Some Areas Of Your House Still Remains Cool

If some places in your home remain cool, then there’s some issue with the air filters. Although, the fan of the heating system can also give rise to this situation.

3. A Burning Smell

Most of the time right after you start the heating system, there’s a smell of burning. It is because at first, the winter heating system burns the dust particles present inside it. However, if the burning smell goes on for longer, then it can be a sign of a bigger problem. It is better to leave that for professional technicians.

4. High Energy Bills

There are a lot of small problems that can give rise to high energy bills. But the most common is the air filter. Check your air filter regularly and free it from dust.

5. Mold Generation In Heater System

Places that have more moisture in the air give rise to the build-up of mold. Regular maintenance can decrease the build-up of mold. Mold is toxic and seriously affects the health of residents. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional heater system repair technician to clean your heating system.

6. Fan Is Not Working

If the fan is not working, check the settings of the thermostat. Check the air filters, as dusty air filters prevent the fan from spinning. At last, check the circuit breakers. If they are off, then turn them on.

7. The Heating System Is Not Turning Off

The heating system automatically goes off after reaching a certain temperature. If your heating system still blows air, then check that it is set on ‘auto’. If even after being on ‘auto’ the heating system goes on, then the thermostat might have broken or wired incorrectly. Reset the thermostat settings and check the system. If the problem continues the heating system needs a replacement.

8. Your Heating System Won’t Light Or Stay Lit

In the newer heating systems, gas does not flow until the heating system is on. If the heating system behaves improperly, then it is because of the dust covering the sensors. You can check the sensors and replace them on your own.

How Many Times Can I Hit The Reset Button On My Furnace?

It is advisable to hit the reset button maximum of 2 times on the furnace. Because the resetting process pumps the oil into the furnace. If you don’t get ignition, the oil gets accumulated inside the chamber. Then, when finally the chamber starts, it may create a risk of explosion.

However, there are a lot of things you should know about home heating systems. So, hiring professionals at Castle Rock Heating & Air provides exceptional winter heating system repair & maintenance services in Castle Rock and nearby places. We are IICRC certified & have expert professionals to take exclusive care of your heating systems.

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