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How Much Does Fireplace Installation Cost- A Study On Gas Fireplace

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Fireplace Installation Cost Castle Rock

Fireplaces are not just a source of comfort but also contribute to the interiors of the room. That’s the reason so many people today want to add fireplaces to their homes.

Many people prefer gas fireplace over electric and wood burned fireplace. It is because it is easy to install, has less maintenance, and a wide range of options to choose from.

A basic gas fireplace cost around $2000 on average and fireplace installation cost ranges from $2200 to $10000. The fireplace installation cost depends on various factors discussed below.

Factors Involved in Fireplace Installation Cost of Gas Fireplace

Fireplace Installation Services Castle RockThe approximate fireplace installation cost is $4500 for a basic gas fireplace with basic finishings and style.

1. Type of Gas Fireplace

There are three types of a gas fireplace:

  • Flueless Gas Fireplace: This is perfect for the home with no chimney or doesn’t have a functioning one. You can fit it in an existing fireplace or specially created cavity.
  • Hole In The Wall Gas Fireplace: This fireplace fits into the chimney breast at your suitable height. They provide a modern, sleek and stylish look to the room.
  • Wall Mounted Flueless Gas Fireplace: Combination of the above. They don’t need any chimney or flue and can be installed anywhere.

2. Cost For Construction of the Fireplace


  • Stone Gas Fireplace: $400- $1500
  • Brick Gas Fireplace: $400- $1100
  • Tile Gas Fireplace: $100- $500
  • Wood-Gas Fireplace: $400- $1100

Gas Line Installation Cost:

  • Gas line from interior gas line to the fireplace: $30 – $43
  • Gas line from the outside to the fireplace: $26- $55
  • Gas Line Permit: $50

Labor Cost:

  • Brick Gas Fireplace: $2220 -$2950
  • Wood-Gas Fireplace: $660 -$1470
  • Prefabricated Metal Box Fireplace: $290 -$370

Gas Fireplace Insert: $3000- $4000

Ventilation Installation Cost: $200- $3000

Hire A Fireplace Installer

It is easy to buy a gas fireplace on your own, however, installing it is the job of a professional. We at Castle Rock Heating & Air, provide a prompt fireplace installation service all around the Castle Rock area.

We have been serving residential and commercial clients for the past 20 years. So we understand your needs, requirements, and expectations properly.

Contact our consultant at (303) 798 0035 to know your fireplace installation cost. For more information, follow us on Twitter.

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