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How Much Does a Fireplace Repair Cost in Castle Rock?

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How Much Does a Fireplace Repair Cost in Castle Rock?

If there is an issue with your fireplace or it has stopped working, you may be considering getting it repaired. But how much does fireplace repair cost in Castle Rock?

While the national average for fireplace repairs is around $180-1000, it can vary depending on many factors. In this blog, we will discuss these factors and help you estimate the true cost of your fireplace repair.

Factors Affecting Fireplace Repair Cost

1. Fireplace Type

Your fireplace type affects the final price you’ll pay for the repairs. Generally, gas and electric fireplaces repair costs significantly less than wood-burning fireplaces.

  • The average repair cost for gas fireplaces ranges from $200-980. It mostly involves problems with the gas valve, pilot light, and thermocouple.
  • Similarly, repairs for electric fireplaces will cost you around $150-900 on average due to issues with wiring and heating elements.
  • On the other hand, wood fireplaces face problems with fireboxes, hearths, and cracks. Repairs for wood fireplaces can set you back around $200-1200 on average.

2. Parts Of the Fireplace

Another major factor that plays a role in deciding the final bill for fireplace repair is the part that needs repairs or replacement. Here is what the average cost for each part looks like.

→ Firebox

Depending on the severity of the damage, the repair cost for steel fireboxes is around $150-700. But it can be more for fireboxes in traditional fireplaces that may need material replacement. Moreover, replacing the entire firebox will cost around $1000-2000.

→ Refractory Panels

The cost of replacing the refectory panels is $100-300 per panel. You will need to replace them as they can warp with time.

→ Hearth

A hearth is the floor of the fireplace. It’s made of non-combustible materials like slate, brick, concrete, and marble. But they can get worn, cracked, and damaged over time. The average cost for hearth repair is around $150-800.

→ Gas Valve

Malfunctioning gas valves can pose a huge risk to your safety by causing gas leaks. So expect to spend $100-250 for gas valve replacement.

→ Igniter Valve

Similarly, you won’t be able to light your gas fireplace without an igniter valve. Replacing the igniter valve will cost you $100-150.

→ Mantle

Most modern fireplaces don’t have a mantle. But if yours has one, the repair cost will be around $100-200 for wood, steel, and brick mantle.

→ Thermocouple

The thermocouple is an important part of a gas fireplace, and a damaged one can affect the functioning of pilot lights and gas valves. So, repairing and replacing it can cost you $80-200, along with labor.

Check out how to replace thermocouples yourself.

→ Pilot Light

Sometimes, your fireplace won’t ignite due to a problem in the pilot light. Still, we recommend letting the experts do the inspection and see if there is another reason for it. If the issue is with the pilot light, the replacement cost is around $100-250.

→ Chimney Flue

Chimney flue repairs can be expensive, ranging from around $300-4000. If the problem is with chimney liners, you’ll need to pay $2000-2500 to replace chimney liners.

3. Problem With The Fireplace

Additionally, the fireplace repair cost also depends on the problem. These problems can occur due to accidents or wear on the fireplace. Serious fireplace issues like drafting and water leaks cost more to fix than simple condensation issues on the glass.

Moreover, the cost for physical damage to the fireplace, like cracks and holes on the floor, will vary depending on the size and location of these damages. Based on this, the average repair cost for various problems (replacements and labor included) is the following.


Average Cost



Fireplace crack






Water leaks


Smoke coming out


4. Location

Fireplace repair costs also vary based on the location. Depending on where you live, your average cost can be lower or higher than the national average. For instance, the average fireplace repair cost in New York is a little over $1000, while the average cost for the same in Denver, CO, is $300-700.

Similarly, it can cost you more to repair your fireplaces in urban areas compared to the countryside.

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