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What Causes Issues To Replace Fireplace Refractory Panels?

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What Causes Issues To Replace Fireplace Refractory Panels_

Most fireplaces in today’s time have fireplace refractory panels placed at the bottom of the firebox. This element of the fireplace controls the transfer of heat in the firebox area. So, if there are any cracks or holes in the fireplace refractory panel, your entire house can catch fire.

Hence, if they are defective in any way, learn how to replace fireplace refractory panels. That will safeguard you against house fires. However, the question that arises is to whether replace or repair fireplace refractory panels.

Issues To Replace Fireplace Refractory Panels

⇒ Causes of Cracks

The most common reason behind the cracks formed in fireplace refractory panels is due to excessive heat it is exposed to. Besides that, below are other reasons that also cause the refractory panel to crack:

  • Problems in firebox manufacturing cause make the refractory panels extremely hot.
  • Creating a fire larger than its capacity or placing the firebox incorrectly.
  • Thermal shock can also cause it to crack. So, don’t throw water to redeem the fire.

⇒ The Size and Damage To The Cracks

If you want to know whether to repair or replace fireplace refractory panels, first inspect the size of the cracks. Further, check the fireplace manufacturer’s instruction manual for any guidelines on cracks in the fireplace refractory panels.

⇒ Can You Repair Refractory Panels?

Yes, you can repair refractory panels. As per The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), you can repair refractory panels if the crack is less than 1/16” wide or cannot fit a dime in it.

However, you should replace it if the crack is wider in size or if the panels contain multiple cracks. Further, you should also replace the refractory panels if the surface is abraded to ¼”.

How Often Fireplace Repair Is Necessary

The experts advise that all chimneys be cleaned and examined periodically to prevent a fire threat, even if your fireplace is infrequently used. Any home would benefit greatly from having a fireplace, and the easiest method to maintain its integrity is to clean and inspect them annually or twice a year.

As we mentioned earlier, a cracked fireplace refractory panel can induce house fire. However, regular fireplace maintenance from trusted professionals can notice such issues beforehand. Plus, they also suggest tips to deal with this situation. Call them today to get their expert opinion.

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