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Is Your Hot Water Heater Not Getting Hot?

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Is Your Hot Water Heater Not Getting Hot_

When your house is full of guests, are you the one going last to take a hot water shower? If yes, then you must have experienced teeth-chattering ice-cold water instead of hot water. This scenario is most common in homes having hot water heaters.

Having an electric water heater can cause a variety of issues like water temperature, leaks, discoloration, odor, and noise. Among all, if you have a problem with a hot water heater not getting hot, then this blog is for you.

Here in this guide, we will discuss water heater issues and their solutions. Let’s begin!

Reasons Your Hot Water Heater Not Getting Hot

An Undersized Water Heater

The heating capacity of your water heater can be a reason your water heater is not getting hot. When purchasing a water heater, people often think about the budget instead of the requirements and the heater’s capacity. An undersized heater might heat the water initially, but it will not work that effectively after some time.

⇒ Crossed Hot And Cold Connections

Another possible reason for your water heater not getting hot properly is the crossed connection between the hot and cold water supply. There are separate lines for both hot and cold water, and if they mix up because of cross-connection, cool water may dilute the hot water resulting in not getting the appropriate water temperature.

Faulty Thermostat

A thermostat is a temperature sensor that maintains the temperature of a water heater according to environmental conditions. If your water heater’s thermostat is not working correctly, it may affect the heating of water. However, even if you have not changed your thermostat setting from summer to winter, you will not get enough hot water.

Damaged Valves or Pipes

There is a possibility there is damage to the valve or pipes of your water heater, which may be a reason, it is not getting hot. You should check for such damage or loose fittings of valves and pipes.

Old Age Of Water Heater 

Even if all parts work properly and you have regular maintenance, your hot water heater may not get hot. It is because of its old age. Age factor is something we can not do anything about it. With time and constant use, the water heater loses its efficiency like any other appliance.

How To Fix It?

Repairing or maintenance of the hot water heater is not one of the tasks you should do yourself unless you have sufficient knowledge about it. Improper fixing will not only cause damage to the heater but also lead to mishaps. It is always a good decision to call a professional for this job. They will fix the problem more effectively and assist you regarding correct maintenance that can prolong your water heater.

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