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Common Water Heater Replacement Mistakes to Avoid in Castle Rock

Common Water Heater Replacement Mistakes to Avoid in Castle Rock

Water heaters are a crucial part of our Castle Rock homes because of the cold snowy winters. But if your water heater has stopped working and if you are thinking of replacing it, there are a few mistakes that you should avoid.

Because installing the wrong water heater can waste your time and money. To prevent that, our professionals at Castle Rock Heating & Air have compiled some common mistakes to avoid during water heater replacement. Make sure you do not make them at all costs!

5 Water Heater Replacement Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

1. Choosing the wrong size of the heater

When replacing a water heater, size, and location play an important role. Water heaters come in varying sizes, and you must opt for the most suitable water heater based on your requirements.

Because choosing a heater bigger than what you need will waste energy, whereas a smaller one may not serve your needs well. So, considering the number of people in the home and the overall utilization of hot water, you can select the correct size of water heater.

2. Using poor-grade components

You may feel tempted to save a few bucks by buying cheaper components while replacing your water heater. But that is yet another mistake that can lead to costly repairs in the future.

Compromising on quality here can be risky as these components ultimately affect the working of your heater. We advise using good-quality components while you replace them yourself.

3. Not following the manufacturer’s instructions

Like other appliances, water heaters also come with a set of instructions to ensure proper installation. Many homeowners just skip them and miss the crucial instructions, while others do not even prefer to see them.

Ignoring the installation instructions by the manufacturer can lead to incorrect or misplaced installation, which is enough to invite a disaster. You must read them and follow them step by step thoroughly, even if you have experience in water heater installation.

4. Improper Joints

Improper joints are the major reason behind leakages and even issues like inefficient heating. While replacing a water heater, you must ensure that the valves and both inlet and outlet lines are joined correctly.

Solder the joints carefully. Also, make sure to avoid crossed connections between the hot and cold water lines as it is one of the reasons for the water heater not getting hot.

5. Not referring to local plumbing code

If you are taking up the job of replacing your water heater, it has to adhere to your local plumbing code of Castle Rock. These are plumbing rules designed as per the local requirements. By following these plumbing codes you can ensure a safe and efficient working water heater.

6. Doing it yourself without experience

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make. Replacing a hot water heater is a complex process and requires a certain amount of knowledge to go for it. If done incorrectly, it can lead to fire hazards or gas poisoning.

We’ve seen newly replaced water heaters exploding because of incorrect installation during DIY attempts. Replacing a hot water heater is ideally not a DIY job. You must consult a professional to replace your water heater.

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