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How To Make Your Central AC Maintenance Work Properly?

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If you have an HVAC system at home, it is necessary to keep it clean and maintained in a proper way. The lint-buildup and dirt in your cooling system may decrease its work efficiency and increase your energy bills. So, let’s learn some central AC maintenance hacks.

Quick Ways To Make Your Central AC Maintenance Work Properly

1. Remove Dirt From The Condenser Unit

When your outdoor air condenser unit is placed in any hidden or unnoticeable area, it gets dirty. Because you may easily forget to clean it. As the condenser pulls air from it, dirt and debris get attracted on its exterior side. If you don’t remove exterior dust, then it restricts the airflow decreasing the cooling efficiency and overheating the condenser unit.

2. Clean And Change The Filters Regularly

To make your condenser work effectively, it is important to maintain its airflow. The filter packages state the schedule for replacement (mainly 90 days). But, further, it also depends on the consumption of units and air quality in your area. In summers, you may need to change the filter frequently.

3. Avail Professional Inspection And Cleaning Yearly

It is recommended to allow inspection and cleaning of your condenser unit by an HVAC professional before the cooling season. The service technicians check the control box, coils, fan motor, blades, compressor, and tubing of the unit. Also, the refrigerant levels are adjusted if required and the whole unit is cleaned properly. Even the experts help you prepare the regular air conditioner maintenance checklist.

How Often Should I Have My Central Air Conditioner Serviced?

You can avail air conditioning service after every 3 months in a year. Now, as you have seen the above 3 precautions, so follow them to maintain the airflow of your condenser unit. If you are looking for well-trained and experienced professionals to repair your central AC system, then Castle Rock Heating And Air is the perfect place. We provide affordable central AC installation in Castlerock and its nearby areas.

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