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What Causes Low Airflow HVAC?

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What Causes Low Airflow HVAC

Often, you experience any issues of low airflow in your HVAC systems. There are many causes for this problem like wrong HVAC airflow direction, leaking duct pipes, clogged ducts, etc. Now, you may think about how to improve HVAC airflow in the system. In this blog, you will study what causes low airflow HVAC in the system.

Top 6 Causes For Low Airflow HVAC

♦ Hindrance in the condenser unit

⇒ Mainly, the outdoor condensers of AC units get jammed due to the dust, leaves, and debris accumulated around it. Due to less airflow in the air conditioning unit, the overall system will be overheated. So, clean the area around your condensing unit to improve the HVAC airflow.

♦ Blocked filters

The filters placed in the air conditioning system do the job of filtering the dirt and grime from the water to provide fresh air. When these filters get clogged, it affects the flow of the air and also damages the other parts of the system. Replace these filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions. So, it is important to do regular HVAC system maintenance.

Leakage in the duct pipes

As the dust buildup in your AC unit goes through a duct pipe which is very small compared to the size of the system. However, narrow ducts get clogged easily. Even, the duct pipes walls can start forming cracks in it through which the air leaks out. So, have a duct inspection in small intervals of time to get good airflow from the AC unit.

Coils filled with dirt and grime

The coils of the air conditioning units are the outdoor part and placed with the condenser outside. Due to this, they attract dust and stains from the outer air. When these coils get very dirty, they are not able to release heat outside. Now, your AC system needs to work harder to give a cooling temperature. So, get the coils cleaned professionally once a year.

♦ The large size of the AC unit

A few years back, it was said that large system sizes are good. But, nowadays the units with large size function inefficiently. Because they frequently run cycles on and off. It means these large units do not run for a long time to remove humidity from the room. So, if these symptoms are seen, contact the HVAC design professional soon.

♦ Reduction in refrigerant levels

Leakage or decrease in the cooling level of your refrigerating systems is a common issue. It occurs when the system becomes too old or is not maintained properly. Slow leaks in the unit can decrease the performance of the system with time. Call the best HVAC technician at home that will check all the leaks and repair them properly.

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