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Top 5 Water Heater Maintenance Tips

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Top 5 Water Heater Maintenance Tips

According to the Department of energy of the United States, Water heating accounts for about 20% of your home’s energy use. It is a significant number, right? That means the use of water heaters is significantly high. This expensive electrical appliance is used commonly in American households.

You probably do not know how dependent you are on your water heater. It is helpful for many things like bathing and washing clothes and dishes. Hot water is more effective in cleaning and especially killing bacteria.

Water heater maintenance is necessary for many reasons. Proper maintenance extends the lifetime of your water heater and; also can energy efficiency, which results in reduced electricity expenses. Effective water heater maintenance helps lower the chances of breakdown and accidents, which is crucial for your and your family members’ life.

You can perform the maintenance of your water heater by yourself. But if you are not sure about things you should call the experts. Here are the top 6 water heater maintenance tips that are beneficial for your water heater.

Tips That Are Beneficial For Your Water Heater.

Regular Inspection

You easily ignore your water heater in daily tasks. In many homes, heaters are installed in closed places that we do not see regularly. A quick inspection regularly can have a substantial difference.

You should frequently monitor the working of your water heater, making sure everything looks fine. You shouldn’t hear any strange noises or smell anything suspicious from the heater. Make sure you also inspect it for damage or other signs of wear and tear. Also, check for the electric fittings.

Lower Temperature

Most water heaters have a set temperature of 130-140 degrees higher than the required. There is no need to keep your water heater temperature above 120 degrees. You can do everything you want at this temperature.

Using your water heater at a higher temperature than 120 degrees can cause it to break down much faster. Also, it can you in the form of burns. Keeping the temperature lower can be helpful for the extended life of your heater and save electricity costs.

Anode Rod

An Anode rod is an essential component of the water heaters with tanks. This rod helps protect the water tank from rust and corrosion. Anode rod attracts corrosive minerals in the water, and they corrode the rod rather than the inside of the tank.

You should check the condition of the anode rod every three years. If the outer layer of the rod is corroded, it requires a replacement. Anode rod replacement is a simple process, and you can do it easily by yourself.

Check Valves & Fittings

One of the reasons for damage to the water heater is leakage. When water sits on the appliance for too long, it causes rust. Rust can then cause components to break, requiring you to repair or replace them.

A leakage in the pressure release valve can be a severe issue if not addressed early. You should check the temperature and pressure release valves at least once a year; if they are working correctly or not. Replace them immediately if you find any leakage

Professional Maintainance

Even if you can regularly inspect and maintain your water heater, professional services will be far more effective. They have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure that they will be able to catch potential issues in the early stages.

Issues with water heaters can lead to dangerous accidents. You can avoid these with regular maintenance. Professionals clean and maintain the heater accurately. And eliminate the chances of accidents. You should call a local water heater maintenance professional once a year.

In Conclusion

We depend on a water heater in many ways, and without it, our lives would be a lot harder. Taking care of your water heater by doing regular maintenance is always a good idea. And it will show long-term results. There are different kinds of water heaters, but no matter what kind of water heater you use, maintain it regularly.

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