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How To Prepare an HVAC Inspection Checklist?

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How To Prepare an HVAC Inspection Checklist

If you have decided to inspect your HVAC system, it is best to make a checklist first to help you finish the task efficiently, without much delay.

The HVAC inspection checklists that professionals use include the division of tasks according to different systems like AC, heat pump, Furnace, and water heater. Here, we will show you a sample of an HVAC inspection checklist used by professional HVAC services. To help you finish your HVAC inspection task faster.

What to Include In an HVAC Inspection Checklist?

A professional HVAC maintenance checklist includes many tasks apart from inspection. These are the tasks it incorporates.

  • Inspection Tasks: The inspection tasks involve checking the gas pressure, air conditioner refrigerant charge, electric connections, and suction & discharge pressure.
  • Cleaning Tasks: Cleaning out the air filters, coils, burners, and dirt & dust around the outer HVAC equipment.
  • Replacing & Repairing Parts: Replacing and repairing major parts like worn belts, pulleys, faulty fan blades, and old filters. And small parts like latches, screws, and gaskets.

Monthly HVAC Inspection Checklist

1. Inspect the Air Filters

Your air filters play an essential role in improving the air quality of your home. Therefore it is necessary to check them first. The air filters catch dust and microbes before they enter your home, so by checking them monthly, you ensure that the air entering your home stays healthy.

2. Check Your Outdoor Units

The external HVAC units can sustain more damage due to weather and other circumstances, and you should do some basic maintenance around them to extend their life. The maintenance may include the following.

  • Clear away all the debris around the condenser.
  • Prune the trees to ensure that no dead branches are near the condenser.
  • Keep any trees at least 6-8 feet above the HVAC unit so that the branches provide it with enough shade, but there is no fear of damage from overgrown branches.

3. Inspect the Batteries

Your thermostat guides the entire HVAC system, and your thermostat’s battery dying can be annoying, as your system can get too cold or too hot at inappropriate times of the year.

While checking your thermostat’s batteries, also check the batteries of the smoke and carbon Monoxide detectors to prevent any rude surprises.

4. Check the Refrigerant Lines

Refrigerant lines transport the refrigerants from the air conditioner to the condensers outside. These lines should have insulation around them to prevent any water damage.

Perform a quick visual inspection of the area to ensure that there is no damage to the insulation.

Semiannual/Annual HVAC Inspection Checklist

1. Conduct a Thorough HVAC Inspection

The first thing you should do during a semiannual HVAC maintenance is, check every part of the HVAC system closely to ensure everything is properly connected. And none of the HVAC components are malfunctioning.

2. Inspect the Thermostat and Air Ducts

The thermostat and air ducts are two important components of an HVAC system. They ensure that your home is cooling or heating up properly. Check the air ducts to make sure they are free of dirt and debris, and also check the heating and cooling time.

3. Check The Air Filters

Check the air filters to ensure that they are clean, as the air in your home circulates through them. If your air filters are dirty and damaged, you should replace them.

4. Look at the Condensation Drain

If the condensation drain in your HVAC system is not draining properly, it can cause many issues. Inspect the condensation drain thoroughly and see that it is free of debris or mold growth, as blocked condensation drains can lead to significant water damage.

5. Lubricate HVAC Parts

Over time the parts of an HVAC system that aren’t lubricated have to work harder to perform their tasks. It can cause wear and tear in your unit and increases the chances of repairs later on.

To prevent the possibility of repairs in the future, lubricate all the moving parts of your HVAC system.

Summing Up

Having a detailed checklist with you while inspecting your HVAC systems can help you save valuable time and prevent unnecessary damage. Here we discussed monthly and semiannual/ annual HVAC inspection Checklists.

The highlights in both checklists were; inspecting the air filters and thermostat to ensure the smooth functioning of the HVAC system.

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