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How Much Does A Central AC Installation Cost?

How Much Does A Central AC Installation Cost_

Air conditioning systems have become the basic requirements of every residential and commercial property. Mainly, during summertime, the AC systems are a must to get a comfortable & cool atmosphere around you.

So, If you are thinking of installing an air conditioning system in your home or commercial place, you may need to calculate the cost of installing an air conditioning system.

Many different factors affect the cost of an AC unit. Factors like size, type, labor work, installation, etc. In this blog, you will get to know the different factors that decide central AC installation costs.

Factors Impacting Central AC Installation Cost

1) Size Of AC Unit

A major factor that affects the cost of installation of an AC unit is the size of the unit. Initially, you have to decide the required size of the AC system according to the area of your property. Generally, a property of 400-500 square feet requires 1 ton of cooling.

Moreover, an HVAC technician will do a Manual J load test to check the heating capacity in your house. Then, after the size factor is decided. Once you calculate the required size of the AC system, the cost is determined.

Size in Tons Average Cost 
1 $2000 – $4000
2 $3000 – $5000
3 $3500 – $5500
4 $4000 – $6000

2) Type Of AC Unit

Another factor that affects the AC system installation cost is its type. Depending on the humidity and heating levels in the home, first, you have to decide the type of AC unit to be installed.

Mainly there are two types – central air conditioning systems and packaged central air conditioning systems. portable air conditioners and window air conditioners are other options for homes without ducts.

The central air conditioning system contains three parts – an air handler, an evaporator coil, and an outdoor compressor unit. A packaged system is almost similar to that; the only difference is the air handler, evaporator coil, and outdoor compressor unit are packed in a single unit.

Air Conditioner Type Average Cost 
Central Air Conditioner $1500 – $4500
Packed Central Air Conditioner $2000 – $5500
Window Air Conditioner $150 – $500
Portable Air Conditioner $150 – $500

3) SEER Rating 

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The SEER rating is the ratio of cooling output during the winter season and its electric input. In simple words, it is a rating that indicates how efficient your AC system is. The higher the rating, the more efficient your AC is.

As per the US Department of Energy, the minimum required SEER rating was 13. But it will be 14 in the northern U.S. and 15 in the southern U.S. by 2023.

SEER Rating Average Cost 
13 $500 – $2500
14 $3000 – $4500
15 $4000 – $6000
16 $6000 – $10000

4) Additional Costs

Apart from the above-discussed factors, you have to take into account additional costs like labor, duct installation, and repair.

Duct Installation Cost $500 – $2000
Labor Cost $500 – $3000
Repairing Cost $100 – $400

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