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Complete Guide on DIY Marble Fireplace Cleaning

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Marble Fireplace Cleaning

A marble fireplace is good-looking and quite durable, but fireplace cladding can lose its patina or stained with time. Therefore, it is better to take proper care of it and clean it. There are two types of marble used in private households: honed and polished.

Honed marbles are generally used for flooring. Polished is the type of marble that you will find probably in the composition of your fireplace and your decoration. So your cleaning methods depend on the marble type you have used. If you don’t know how to clean your marble fireplace, then here is the complete guide that helps to maintain it.

Steps For Marble Fireplace Cleaning

Clean up and make dry

Clean your marble fireplace

  • Wipe the surface thoroughly with warm water, cloth, or sponge. 
  • Mix the mild detergent with warm water. 
  • Clean the marble in small intersecting circles. 
  • Start from the bottom to the chimney to avoid ridges.
  • Dry the cleaned area with an absorbent cloth such as suede or chamois.


  • Choose the high quality and non-yellowing brand wax for your marble. 
  • Make sure that you have thoroughly dried the surface and clean it thoroughly before starting. 
  • Now, use a soft cloth and spread the wax over the marble.
  • Allow it to harden for about 15 minutes before polishing until it becomes shiny with a fresh cloth or electric pad.

Things That Should Avoid While Cleaning Your Marble FirePlace

  • White vinegar
  • Limescale removers
  • Never air dry your marble, this can cause water spots.

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