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When To Call Gas Fireplace Repair Professionals?

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When To Call Gas Fireplace Repair Professionals_

Fireplaces are the hearts of any household. In the winter, it keeps you warm and comfortable while fighting the cold. Whereas in summer, they work as an indoor campfire where you can have a good time with your family. So, regular fireplace maintenance is essential.

Consider the following scenario: you want to roast marshmallows over an open fire, but your gas fireplace isn’t working properly. You must have felt frustrated! Don’t lose your calm at this moment. Instead, try to inspect your gas fireplace.

But every professional will suggest you self-detect first to provide specific instructions to get the perfect fireplace repair service. Here in this blog, we will discuss steps to troubleshoot gas fireplace issues.

How To Inspect Your Gas Fireplace?

Doing It Yourself

Step 1: Check the main gas valve to ensure that the gas switch is turned on. Pilot light systems are the most common cause of gas fireplaces not being able to be lit.

Step 2: Clear the air out of the pilot tubing by holding down the pilot button for 2 to 3 minutes while the air flows out.

Step 3: Check if the gas is coming out of the pilot but it still isn’t lighting. If so, then there must be an issue with the spark igniter. Employ gas fireplace repair experts to help you clear out debris between the igniter and thermocouple.

Step 4: Check to see if the fireplace turns on and off while it is in use. When your fireplace turns on and off when you attempt to operate it, it is an indication that it needs service. The generator could be aged out, dust and carbon could have piled up and created problems, the burner could be stuck, or other issues could persist. However, a professional will be able to identify the faults and resolve them quickly.

Step 5: The smell of rotten eggs is one of the worst odors in the world, but it’s particularly unpleasant if it’s seeping from your fireplace. If you feel rotten eggs or notice hissing, you’ve got a gas leak, which is quite hazardous. Natural gas fireplaces run on natural gas. There is a blowout risk if you’ve got a natural gas leak. Notify the fire department and evacuate your residence if you observe these signs.


The other, safer option is to let a professional gas fireplace repair technician handle it. They are knowledgeable and trained in this field and can do a fantastic job repairing the gas fireplace quickly.


Your gas fireplace can serve as a pleasant and inviting focal point in your house, bringing together family or friends and warding off the winter blues. However, if you don’t get skilled gas fireplace maintenance, it will deteriorate. That implies your fireplace might not function properly. It may also require more costly repairs in the future—and it comes as no surprise that a faulty gas fireplace is potentially deadly.

Gas fireplaces burn tidily with no smoke, rubble, or wood chips left behind, and also no sooty smokestacks to cleanout. They still require routine fireplace upkeep and service to operate safely and enhance their longevity.

Servicing your gas fireplace is a do-it-yourself project for people familiar with dealing with natural gas. If you’re unsure about working with a gas line, hire a fireplace service.

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